• Wine & Stories from the Arab World & Beyond

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Wine & Stories from the Arab World & Beyond

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Explore the Other Side of the Mediterranean

All around the Mediterranean, vines are grown on fertile lands with a long history of wine production. Our mission is to allow you to discover unexplored wines from local producers from the Other Side of the Mediterranean who are under-represented in the more conventional wine spaces. You will not find our wines in the supermarket, nor in any wine subscription.

Our pilot edition profiles wine from Lebanon and Algeria, two countries with long and rich wine making histories.

About us

"The wines were delicious, and importantly very different to our French and Italian usuals. However, the real show stealer is the magazine. Amazing stories, beautiful writing, and filled with little gems, like QR codes to groovy Arab-Indie Fusion music, or tasty Lebanese recipes. Anyone with a curious outlook, this is a must!"
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Aidan C.

"Good quality wines. Secretly impressed as I didn't think the wines would be that good as you don't usually associate those countries with wines. The magazine has the stories behind the wines, really interesting to know, will definitely be sharing the knowledge with my friends!"
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Danielle D.

"The Other Grape is such a brilliant idea, combining excellent wine choices with fascinating stories and journalism in the high-quality magazine. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend - this is the future of wine buying!"
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Odille D.